montblanc homer greek ink (2018)

montblanc homer greek blue ink (2018)
writer 2018


montblanc heritage spider metamorphosis ink (2018)

montblanc heritage spider metamorphosis grey ink (2018)


montblanc elixir colorist collection inks (2018)

montblanc elixir colorist collection inks (2018) devised from natural material extracts. the packaging a new design for 50ml bottle with a square cap.
there are three colors in this collection,
pourpre (116487), "extract of cochineal and carmine from South America"
violet de cobalt (116543), "Gardenia Blue extract, a specific concentration of the flower"
azure (116544), "Gardenia Blue extracts and of safflower petals."


lamy safari all black (2018)

lamy safari special edition for 2018 is "all black" (044). matted black barrel and cap with black clip and black nib. black cross cap top.

the local agent made a special metal box with five black cartridges,

a comparison with the umbra(017), all black(044), and black(019) safari.

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