Lamy al-star collection

al-star is an upgrade to the safari, with aluminum body and semi-transparent triangular section.
it started production from 1997, and in recent year, some special edition are made for each year.

here are some of the models, from the left,
  • [42] copper orange (2015)
  • [32] bluegreen (2014)
  • [71] black (2013, a regular model as 2015)
  • [20] pearl (2013), aka champagne
  • [21] ruby (2011)
  • [22] coffee (2010)
  • [29] black purple (2009, a regular model as 2011)
  • [23] raspberry (2008)
  • [28] ocean blue (2007, a regular model as 2009)
  • [24] silvergreen (chrome clip and chrome nib, discontinued 2008)
  • [24] silvergreen (black clip and black nib, discontinued 2010)
  • [27] silverblue (discontinued 2010)
  • [26] graphit (black nib, changed to chrome nib 2008)
  • [25] al-star (discontinued in 2015)

the horizontal one is a special editon with signature of Bastian Schweinsteiger

there were some changes on the barrel logo in around 2010,
check the barrel "LAMY" logo where the letter "A" and "M" joins and also the middle triangle of the letter "A",
here is a comparison of the black purple al-star (2009) and coffee al-star (2010)

two silvergreen ?
the silvergreen was switched to a chrome chip in 2008, and it was discontinued in 2010.

link: 2007 catalog in Spanish(?)


lamy al-star copper orange (2015)

the lamy al-star 2015 special color is copper orange.
the real pen actually looks better than the photos.


Lamy 2015 Product Update

check with the Lamy 2015 catalog, here are the differences of the previous year,

074dialog 3 in pianoblack Pt and Pianowhite Pt finish (April 2015)
051/251/151/351scala brushed (April 2015)
071/271/171/371AL-star black

disappear in 2015
068/268studio platinum grey
025/225/125/325AL-star AL
283noto anthracite silver
M70touch screen pen

changed or updated in 2015
204logo M+ white/black/blue/red
204/105logo M matt black/blue/red/green
205logo M white/black/blue/red

and it is "neon lime".


lamy safari green 2014

there is no surprise for a re-edition of special color safari. here is a green safari (apple green) being produced with black cross cap top.

the 2012 version has a green cross cap top,