Lamy nexx

In 2008, Lamy released a fountain pen for teenager aged 7-12.
it has plastic cap similar to Lamy smile,

triangular body end,

soft rubber grip section,

nexx and smile,
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update 20110216: nexx pink added


Lamy Studio Rubinblack

This is the second year for a Lamy Studio Special Edition. After the Pearlwhite in 2007, in the 2008, we have the rubinblack. Actually it is a matt brown finished studio with chrome plated section.
The local agent sells it with the steel nib at a lower price.

photos with a gold nib,

Aurora 88 Demonstrator

ebonite feed,



Pilot Legno 89s

從第一眼看來, 像一支木製筆. 事實上, 筆身是"積層強化木", 比普通木材硬, 耐水性強, 耐熱. 不過,筆長約12.0cm, 帶筆帽約13.5cm, 適合女士或口袋使用.

筆尖: 14k #3,
可以使用CON-20, CON-50 吸墨器, 墨盒


Lamy vivo

Lamy vivo, a ball pen, pencil created by Konstantin Grcic, a young industrial designer in 2004, who has quite a few entries in the MOMA.

Made of a special stainless steel from Korea, has initially four colors, black, blue, green and orange. A new version (April 2007) came with black, blue and red.

it is named "energy" in Japan.

Difference in the two versions: the body finishing and clip length

the front parts are incompatible,

look inside... the push mechanisms are orange in color for the colored versions

vivo has been removed from the 2009 Catalog.

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