Lamy Persona

Lamy Persona was designed by Italian Architect Mario Bellini in 1990. It was discontinued at 2005.

Lamy Persona

Brass body were coated with titanium oxide. This one is an early model with 18k nib, later ones had 14k nibs. The first year model did not have the anti-rolling device at the pen clip.

Pen clip design patent: US 5161906

here are the four models of Lamy Persona,
020 Persona Titanium (coated matte titanium oxide), gold plated clip and gold nib
021 Persona Black (coated matte black titanium oxide?), gold plated clip and gold nib
022 Persona Platinum (coated), gold nib plated with platinum (?)
023 Persona (matte black resin (makrolon ?) with palladium cap), gold nib plated with white metal(?)


the first three models are metal based, and have a serial number on the section.
pen weight 44.4g45.4g45.7g23.3g
barrel weight31.0g32.0g32.5g10.9g
cap weight 13.4g13.4g13.1g12.4g



the left convertor Z25 is found on my 020 and 021,
the right one Z23 fits the 022, (this converter is also found on some 021 model!)
and the 023 is not threaded, modern Z26 convertor should fit.

more info: FPN


Caran d'Ache 80th Anniversary

A set of sterling silver clutch pencil (2mm) and ballpoint pen,

engraving on the body,

Swiss hallmarks, with silver push button, metal clip,

The Three Flamme

Three flamme guilloche engraving pens...

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Classic Pens CP3

In 1995, Classic Pens Inc introduced the third CP series, a pair of silver overlay Aurora 88 pens. more information: http://classicpensinc.com/CP/CP3.htm

Mr Andreas Lambrou mentioned the following in "Fountain Pens: US and UK" Page 245,

The success of CP1 and CP2, especially in the Far East and Europe spurred Aurora, in 1994, to invite Classic Pens for a CP3 co-operation between the two companies. Aurora was then strong in the home market, Italy, and was seeking to strengthen its position in the export markets.

weight: pen: 34g, body: 21g, cap: 13g,
piston about 7.25 turns

CP: Classic Pens,
925: Sterling Silver,
London Assay import hallmark,
year 1996 mark.

Aurora Italian Hallmark

Pen clip is stamped with "LAITON ITALY METAL", laiton is brass in French.

Aurora Hastil and Thesi

2525 sets of Aurora Hastil and Thesi "Silver Jubilee" were released in 1999 for the 25th anniversary of the successful models. The body of the Hastil fountain pen and Thesi ballpoint pen are made of 925 sterling silver. Hastil in 14k gold nib was designed by Marco Zanuso (1916-2001) in 1970. It accepts Parker cartridge or converter. It is now an exhibit in the MoMA.

Thesi ballpoint pen was first introduced in 1974.

Both the pen and ballpoint pen are still in production, with stainless steel body.

the sterling silver pair,

the hallmarks,

the current production stainless steel pair,

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

more information about the Italian hallmarks can be found at http://www.925-1000.com/Fitalian_marks_01.html, you can search the Italian hallmark at http://www.infoimprese.it/metr/, the two letter abbreviation represent the province in Italy, and the number would identify the manufacturer.

HallmarkManufacturer Date
☆ 144 BO OMAS - S.R.L.1974-05-04
☆ 1 CE DELTA - S R.L.2000-12-27
☆ 87 CE AQUILA BRANDS S.R.L.2004-08-02
☆ 1425 FI VISCONTI S.R.L.1996-05-31
☆ 1770 FI ETRURIA S.R.L. (Stipula) 2006-11-22
☆ 5 TO AURORA S.R.L.1968-04-26
☆ 320 VA Ferrari da Varese (?)
☆ 1055 VI MONTEGRAPPA Pre-Richemont (c.a. 2000)
☆ 1776 VI ESSEGI DI GUIDOLIN ANTONIO & C. S.N.C. (Signum)1990-06-29
☆ 2670 VI ELMO & MONTEGRAPPA S.P.A.2009-09-17


Aurora Archivi Storici Vintage 022

Aurora used some old parts from its archive to reproduce a series of fountain pens of the 1950s.
Here is a piston filled (022) in this collection,

satin finish black resin barrel, shiny trims, satin chromed cap,

section marked with "M", and breath holes on the barrel and cap, hooded nib,

edit 20090615
Aurora 88 Dynasty on fountainpennetwork.

Sailor 1911 Sterling Silver

Sailor 1911 Sterling Silver

pen weight: 51g
body weight: 29g
cap weight: 22g


silver section, snap on cap

Lamy Feeds

Lamy 2000 feed on the top, the other is the feed from ordinary Lamy pens,
they both have dual ink channels.

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