Pilot Nib Grade

EF  hard 硬  0.25mm
SEF hard 軟  -
PO  hard 硬  0.25mm
F   hard 硬  0.32mm
SF  soft 軟  0.32mm
FM  hard 硬  0.40mm
SFM soft 軟  0.40mm
FA  extra soft 極軟  -
M   hard 硬  0.50mm
SM  soft 軟  0.50mm
WA  hard 硬  0.50mm
B   hard 硬  0.61mm
SB  soft 軟  -
SU  hard 硬  0.63mm
BB  hard 硬  0.72mm
C   hard 硬  0.85mm
MS  hard 硬  0.90mm



Lamy Pico

Pico is a pocket ballpoint pen, 9.2cm when closed, about 12.3cm when you push the button at the end to extend it. it uses the M22 compact refill, and it has an anti-rolling device.

iF Product Design Award 2002

it's designed by Swiss designer Franco Clivio.

Link: LAMY pico - true magnitude comes from within

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various color and finishes,

US Patent: 20040042839


Lamy Safari Orange

Orange is the color of 2009 for the Lamy Safari.
it features an orange dot pen cap, chrome clip and black rubber ring.




Pilot Prera

Pilot Prera is a short pen about 12cm long with "special alloy" nib.
it can use the CON-20 or CON-50 converter or Pilot cartridge.

Three new colors are added in January 2009: white, yellow and dark brown (look like black),
to the six colors: slate gray, royal blue, vivid pink, ivory, light blue, lime green.




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Parker T-1

Parker T-1 was introduced in 1970 for USD 20, and had only one year of production.
it featured an adjustable integrated nib, titanium body, cartridge/converter filled.

Pen weight: 16.8g
body weight: 12.3g
cap weight: 4.5g

US Patent: 1971-09-20 US3606556


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Modern Parker Duofold Nib Grade

80 Needlepoint
81 Extra fine (X)
82 Fine (F)
83 Medium (M)
84 Broad (B)
87 Fine Oblique
88 Medium Oblique
89 Board Oblique
96 Fine Reverse Oblique
93 Medium Reverse Oblique
97 Board Reverse Oblique
98 Fine Italic
94 Medium Italic
95 Board Italic
74 Fine Oblique Italic - 15 degree
75 Medium Oblique Italic - 15 degree
76 Board Oblique Italic - 15 degree
77 Fine Oblique Italic - 30 degree
78 Medium Oblique Italic - 30 degree
79 Board Oblique Italic - 30 degree
85 Extra Broad
86 Extra Extra Broad
91 Extra Broad Oblique
92 Extra Extra Broad Oblique

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