Sailor 1911 REALO

Sailor 1911 REALO is piston filled, its ink window is viewable when the capped. The cap has a spring inner cap to ensure the nib is tightly covered. The ink capacity is only 1.0 cc.

pen weight: 21.36g
pen only: 11.6g
cap only: 9.76g

link: Sailor US, Sailor JP

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Comparing with the modern Aurora 88,
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the inner sleeve diameter:
modern Aurora 88: 0.80 mm
Sailor 1911 Realo: 0.70 mm

the ink volume is estimated by weighing the difference when empty and filled with water,
modern Aurora 88: about 1.48 ml
Sailor 1911 Realo: about 1.14 ml
Sailor 1911 Converter: about 0.72 ml

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