Pelikan Majesty M7000

Pelian Majesty was introduced 2007. A platinum plated sterling silver barrel is hefty, over 63g with the cap.

One of the most attractive point is the 24k (5µ) gold frieze on the cap. it is a reproduction of the stone wall at Pelikan’s headquarters factory in Hanover.
The springy clip is gold-plated with the "metal" wording clearly stamped underside. The cap is platinum-plated sterling silver, mirror polished, with a golden trim near the end, engraved with "PELIKAN GERMANY Ag 925".

Although it has the piston filler, the design of the Majesty is quite different from the Souverän series. The outer barrel with special locking mechanism covers the filler knob and ink reservoir, and there is no external ink window. The barrel locks into its place with a click for the final turn; however, this mechanism may wear off easily for prolonged usage. The barrel can only be totally screw in when the piston is in the fully filled position. if there is resistance when you screw in the barrel, stop and examine the filler knob.

The inner ink reservoir is in smoke grey color. It's still a question for not using a transparent ink window for an internal piston. The turning knob is also plated and fluted for smooth operation.

The section is plated metal and has a gold plated trim near the nib. the golden trim matches the two-tone 18k gold nib.

it takes the M600 nib, and the M200 nibs should work as well.





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