Pilot Elabo (2009)

Pilot Elabo (FE-25SR) is an updated version of the Namiki Falcon. The major update is the larger barrel to house the CON-70 converter, rhodium plated trim and metallic finish. the Elabo has soft nib as its predecessor, available as SEF, SF, SM and SB nibs, and four colors: black, burgundy, brown and sapphire. it is often refereed as "Metal Falcon" or "Metal Elabo".

Actually, the FE-25SR should be the third generation of the Elabo family,
the Namiki Falcon is the second generation

Falcon: Whole pen: 18.30g, Pen with CON-50: 9.40g, Cap: 8.90g
Metal Elabo: Whole pen: 33.74g, Pen with CON-70: 19.26g, Cap: 14.48g

Model: FE-25SR
link: Namiki PDF, Pilot Pen Elabo, スミ利文具店

The black resin Falcon and burgundy metal Elabo,


the nibs,

metal Elabo can use CON-70 converter

the feeds are slightly different,
the left one is the metal Elabo, and the right is from the Namiki Falcon

more info: Pilot Library 014


marilyncml said...

May I ask if there are any pen shops in Hong Kong that sell Namiki Falcon fountain pens? Many thanks for your help!

kmpn said...

hello marilyncml, the old Namiki Falcon cannot be found in Hong Kong, they only have the metal Pilot Falcon. thanks a lot.

marilyncml said...
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