Pelikan M900 with 20c nib

this Pelikan M900, same size as M800, is probably an early version...

  • the nib is two-tone "20C-833" gold;
  • cap ring is imprinted with "PELIKAN" and "W.-GERMANY", no "TOLEDO" nor "Ag 925" imprint as today's;
  • the vermeil sleeve has the "925" sterling silver and the craftsman mark engraved, some of the first M900 version would not have the 925 marking.
  • pen ends are attached with golden metal plates.

a similar one can be found at Pennuts (siufeng).

discussion on FPN: 06 June 2008, 02 April 2009, 27 August 2009

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Daniel Liao said...

How about the 20C nib's feel?

kmpn said...

hello Daniel, it's just like normal 18c nib, nothing special.

Daniel Liao said...

Thank you your reply!!

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