Lamy Al-Star Ruby Red 2011

here is the Lamy al-star ruby red special edition for 2011, Photobucket Photobucket here are the (from the top) Raspberry (special edition 2008), Ruby Red (special edition 2011) and Black Purple (special edition 2009, as regular edition 2011), Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Link: Lamy USA


Pilot Kawarinuri Ishime 石目

Kawarinuri is a new crafting technique for Pilot, 変わり塗り「石目」. stone wall textured urushi are coated on the brass flat-top barrel, which gives a rough feeling on hands. the word "urushi" and "japan" are painted in golden powder on black urushi end. the 18k single tone #10 nib on the plastic section matches the golden clip. it can use the CON-70 converter. the size, style and clip is roughly follows the 90th Anniversary Raden pen.

available in four colors, black, deep red, dark blue and green. here is the deep red one, Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket product code: FKVN5MP


Pilot Elabo Resin 2011

Pilot releases a resin version of the Elabo (2009), it is in black or red resin and chrome-plated trims. the size is almost the same as the Namiki Falcon for oversea market. it can only use CON-20 and CON-50 converter. it should be considered as a 2nd generation Elabo.

here is the comparison of the resin Elabo (red 2011), black Namiki Falcon, and metal Elabo (burgundy 2009)

the cap of the resin Elabo 2011 has a metal disk on the top,

the cap ring pattern is similar to the Namiki Falcon,

the same section as the metal Elabo 2009,

Product Code: FE-18SR

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