Vintage "New" Lamy 2000

Lamy 2000 was introduced in 1966, and has retained as its Bauhaus style since that.

here is a vintage package roughly around the 1970-80's,
the plastic box,



the other side of the foam can hold the fountain pen and ballpoint pen


the description of the "New" Lamy 2000 fountain pen,



the other side is the ballpoint pen description and instruction, using the "exact" refill,



while the outlook of pen remains roughly the same throughout 45 years, there are some visible minor cosmetic changes,

the vintage Lamy 2000 is 1.30mm shorter than the modern ones, only 137.12mm capped.

The current Lamy 2000 would have "GERMANY 1" or "GERMANY 2" stamped under the clip,
and earlier version may have "W. GERMANY" or "GERMANY" imprinted under the clip.
the vintage (earliest) Lamy 2000 stainless steel clip (left) does not have "LAMY" imprint on the side, and the tipping is a semi-sphere, and no engraving under the clip.
although both style clips are spring loaded made of solid stainless steel, the modern ones open when the pressure applied on the top.


the cap is stamped with "LAMY 2000 W.-Germany" near the opening,

the turning knob has a "L" disc at the end,

the nib size is stamped on the section,


also, there are some other changes inside...

Some Old Lamy 2000 Fountain pens

more info: FPN Discussion, lamylabo, lamy.com

a japanese catalog around 1969


Bruno Taut said...

Very nice side to side comparison. The Lamy 2000 is indeed a great looking pen and, in my opinion, deserves a lot more attention.

Thanks for the great pictures.

kmpn said...

thanks Bruno for your comment, your blog is really great on vintage Japanese pens.

btw, there may be a second part...

Chris Wright said...

I have literally just this moment purchased a first gen fountain pen ('Lamy 2000' only on the cap) - I was wondering if you would be able to scan the leaflet and send it to me?

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