Lamy Safari Demonstrator

Here is a Lamy Safari Demonstrator, there are some differences from the modern Lamy Vista available nowaday.
this demonstrator has a round metal cap nut inside, the cap top screw is probably a metal one without a little center hole. there is no chrome plated metal cover on the inner cap, it has a black plated metal clip and unmarked chrome steel nib. the Lamy logo on the smooth barrel does not have silver paint. there are no slots for housing the Z24 convertor. the black o-ring is a circular one without key. it has a "W.GERMANY" imprint on the barrel end.

more reading: haywoody's Lamy Safari Demonstrators, Alohamora's

the left one is the Safari Demonstrator, the right is Lamy Vista,







Jenny said...

Are you a dealer or collector? Or, rather, is this blog a showcase of your personal collection? It's quite impressive.

kmpn said...

Hello Jenny, these pens are all from my personal collection, and i'm not selling them, thank you.

don said...
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阿蘇 said...

kmpn, are you from Hong Kong? Your collection of Lamy is so GREAT!! And your blog also GREAT!!! ^_^

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