Lamy Safari Orange 2011

just aware the existence of this variant after it was mentioned on FPN...

a Lamy Safari in orange with orange cross pen top,


(Oops, out of focus) comparison with the 2009 one,


write to me often said...

2011??? Really, I am looking for this pen for over two years. Never came across with this one :( There were always the 2009 limited edition version orange sold for incredible prices.

phong said...

Wow! You get it just 2 days after it was mentioned on FPN!!!
It came also from Lamy Hong Kong?
Sorry If I was too curious. :D

kmpn said...

hello phong, i bought it from a pen shop in Hong Kong. thanks. :D

kmpn said...

hello "write to me often", they may still have a few 2009 orange "dot" version. good luck.

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