Lamy Safari with Red Dot Cap Top 2012

you never know how many Lamy Safari versions exist...

here are three Lamy Safari fountain pens with red dot cap top. these are special edition for the Eslite Bookstore (誠品書店) in Taiwan 2012, the matted black one is available as a set consisting of three sections with EF, F, and M nibs.





Links here:
it is also mentioned on FPN that they are also available at the Sweden Nordiska Kompaniet store.


Vic.Zed said...

Hi there

I'm just wondering where did you buy these lamy's.
Are they from the net or does HK have someplace that sell them?
I checked page one but they have only a limited range and they don't sell the converter for the pens...

Is there a specified lamy boutique or a place with a wider range of lamy pens??


P.s. I assume you're living in HK because my browser said blogger said blogger.hk
If you don't live in Hk then my apologies


kmpn said...

hello Victor, i got these three Safari with red clips from the Taiwan Eslite Bookstore (誠品書店), some said they are also available in Sweden NK Store.

i got some of the other Safari pens for pen shops in Hong Kong or over the net...

thanks a lot.

Megan McCabe said...

Do you know if the black with red clip was only manufactured in matte black? I recently saw a glossy one for sale online and want to verify its information.


kmpn said...

there was one version of glossy black with red clip, it was released in 2010 from the Taiwan Eslite Bookstore. http://blog.eslite.com/ntu/archives/3436

i don't have this one. i'm not sure about the cap top is a red dot or black cross.

Megan McCabe said...

Great, thanks! Should have just asked you than searching for hours for an answer. Out of curiosity, what would you consider a reasonable price for it to be?

kmpn said...

reasonable price for a safari should be the same as a regular release :D

Uffuffa said...

Hello KMPN and Megan McCabe,
Very late addition to this thread, I know, but just in case you never found the answers, Megan, the Taiwan Glossy Black with Red Clip had a Red Dot cap. And, yes, this series on charcoal/red/yellow with red clips was available first in NK, Sweden, and then became available in Eslite, Taiwan, although it was only in Taiwan that the charcoal was released as a box set.

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