Pilot Custom Enju (2013)

Pilot Custom Enju 槐 (2013) is another variant of the Pilot Custom series. the barrel and cap texture is more coarsely grained.

the package is basically the same as Custom Ichii

Japanese Pagoda Tree

golden pen clip is a similar one as the Custom 91, 912 and 92.

18k #15 two tone gold nib,

Comparing with the Custom Ichii


Visconti Caravel (1992)

Visconti Caravel was released in 1992 for the 500 anniversary of Columbus’ expedition and the discovery America. The package contained fountain pens, ink pots, leather cases and paintings by Mario Fantini representing a caravel. The piston filled fountain pens are made of celluloid with marbling of three colors: brown (Pinta), blue (Nina) and red (Santa Maria). they were the three ships used by Christopher Columbus in his first voyage in 1492.

the nib is two-tone 14k gold, the short clip is similar to the earlier Ragtime and were stamped “VISCONTI CARAVEL FIRENZE ITALIA”,

the cap top is the emblem of a caravel,

the packaging,
 photo L1100466_zpsbbd78489.jpg  photo L1100481_zps93ba2ea1.jpg  photo L1100472_zps75de9ee5.jpg

 photo L1100468_zpsec03c937.jpg  photo L1100483_zpse3189552.jpg  photo L1100475_zps56e3f41f.jpg


Montblanc Leonardo Ink (2013)

Montblanc Leonardo "Red Chalk" Ink (2013), red brown, 30ml.


Pilot Custom 845 Vermilion 朱漆 (2013)

Pilot Custom 845 was introduced in the 84th anniversary (2002) of the Pilot Pen Company. The final digit 5 denotes the price for JPY 50000 (exclude sale tax) in Japan. The nib is 18k two tone #15 gold nib in four sizes, F, M, B and BB. The main barrel and cap are made of ebonite with resin ends and gold plated trims. It is a flat-top pen with length around 146mm and weight about 28g, filled with CON-70 converter. The ordinary Custom 845 has black urushi coated on part of the cap and barrel, and a golden word “URUSHI” is painted on the cap.

The Custom 845 is based on the Pilot 75th Anniversary (1993) model.

The Custom Ichii (2012) is based on the Custom 845 in Ichii wood.

In September 2006, Pilot Custom 845 was available in red urushi 赤漆 for the NAGASAWA shops (also mentioned in 万年筆評価の部屋). They are sold out.

In September 2013, Pilot Custom 845 in vermilion urushi 朱漆 is available from another stationary shop.
they have two additional choices of nibs, single tone 14k #15 nibs FA and WA.

Pilot Custom 845 Vermilion (2013)

the black and vermilion Pilot Custom 845

the cap has the little golden word "URUSHI" painted,
the black one has used and the golden paint becomes black.

the family,

another family shoot with the red urushi,
there is slight color difference for the 845 Vermilion with the others, it is more reddish.


Montblanc Heritage Collection 1912 (Resin 2013)

Montblanc Heritage 1912 in black resin pays tribute to the safety filler hundred years ago. the modern interpretation is a piston filled pen with retractable nib. this is the cheaper version of the Heritage Limited edition released last year. it is a small pen with 121mm capped and 126mm when the nib extended.
the weight is 48.4g with cap, and 37.0g for the pen alone.
uncapping can be done in 1-3/4 turns, and the nib would extend when turning the knob at the end for 3/4 turn. after the nib is completely extended, pull out the knob by around 2mm and turn the knob to operate the piston. the piston cannot be operated when the nib is not fully extended.

if you know german, please find their patent WO2013057274A1 or DE102011116762A1 or CN103889732A

pulling out the knob to operate the piston,

the nib is 14k rhodium plated with triangle breath hole, and it is "soft/elastic".

the cap top is a white star in transparent resin covered with lacquer,
"made in germany" stamped under the platinum plated clip,

more info: Montblanc Stories


Pilot Converters

with reference to this FPN post, i have a photo of Pilot converters in my collection.

from the left,
a. con-70 - with black coating for higher end Pilot/Namiki fountain pens.
b. con-70 - with normal chrome plated.
c. con-50 - twist piston type converter.
e. con-50 - same as above with a metal object to improve ink flow, introduced mid 2012
e. con-20 - a current one with blue sac.
f. con-20 - an older one con-20 with white sac.
g. a hoop type converter.
h. con-w converter for 1960s Pilot pens, smaller opening than the current converters.
i. unused small ink cartridge for 1960s Pilot pens, same fitting as con-w converter.
j. a dual ink cartridges coupler, same ink cartridge as above .


Montblanc Honoré de Balzac Ink (2013)

Montblanc Writers ink 2013 is Honoré de Balzac in dandy turquoise (35ml), Made in Austria

a review can be found at FPN

Montblanc Special Ink


Lamy Safari Pink (2013)

here is another re-issure of lamy safari pink in 2013, and the cap top has changed to a black cross...

comparison of lamy safari pink, 2009 (pink dot), 2011 (pink cross) and 2013 (black cross)

they have different barcode numbers,

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