Lamy Safari Demonstrator II

here is another lamy safari demonstrator added to my collection.

the left one has mentioned on Lamy Safari Demonstrator, the right one is a Lamy Vista.
 photo L1100192_zpsf8653ea1.jpg

the middle one has slot for the z24, the vista has shorter thread,
 photo L1100196_zpsb0c62efa.jpg

 photo L1100198_zps8e007461.jpg

 photo L1100197_zps21de27a1.jpg

the leftmost one is "W.Germany", the middle one is "Germany", the right is a "lamy vista".
 photo L1100210_zps062e78c8.jpg

 photo L1100200_zps7ca71ae6.jpg

 photo L1100203_zps6bb8d478.jpg

p.s. is that just an early version of vista?

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