Lamy 2000 M ballpen desk set (2012)

Lamy 2000 M ballpen (202) has already mentioned in here. The Japan agent has offered a premier edition desk set with a solid stainless steel pen stand (L202S-LTD) for that. the spherical pen stand is similar to the HW 97 + 203, however, without any markings, no Lamy, no Germany.

the left one is HW97+203 (old package).
the right is L202S-LTD, that is also the same package for the HW97 since 2011.
 photo L1100288_zpsf9064445.jpg

 photo L1100290_zpsb0101b40.jpg

 photo L1100291_zps07d331c5.jpg

 photo L1100295_zpscc166dd0.jpg

 photo L1100297_zpsb3a94e64.jpg

 photo L1100296_zpsdbb0c988.jpg

the pen stand is 1275g!
 photo L1100293_zpsd675816c.jpg


Lamy Safari Neon Yellow (2013)

Lamy Safari special edition 2013 neon yellow.
it is sharp and bright fluorescent yellow.

... well the actual color may be different from the photos...
 photo L1100286_zps4fa01cfb.jpg

black cross cap top,
 photo L1100287_zps10cf9bd1.jpg

the neon yellow (middle) compares with the apple green, lime and yellow (two).

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