Lamy White Joy Set Special Edition (2013)

here is a Lamy white joy set special edition, the white joy has a red dot cap top and red clip. the set has a Z24 converter, a pack of black cartridges, two extra nibs and sections, the nibs are 1.5, EF and F.
this set is a special edition for the Taiwan Eslite Bookstore (again !).

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Visconti Leonardo da Vinci (1992)

Visconti Leonardo da Vinci was created for members of the Accademia Italiana della Penna Stilografica (Accademia Italiana) in 1992. the membership number was stamped on the pen and 130 pens were made. the beauty of blue and green celluloid is difficult to be pictured. the golden clip is the same as the Visconti Ragtime (1991) clip with the crest and stamped with the "VISCONTI RAGTIME FIRENZE ITALIA". the cap end has the Accademina Italiana logo. The Accademia Italiana was found 1990.

very nice information about the Visconti Ragtime can be found at Peaceable Writer

ink bottle and tablets

name of the pen "Leonardo da Vinci" stamped on the barrel

equipped with 14k two-tone gold nib, "piston" filled with a blind cap,

cap top logo,

the paper,
 photo leonardodavinci02_zps0992aab2.jpg  photo leonardodavinci01_zps49b22461.jpg


Visconti Viscontina (2001)

Viscontina are small pocket pens released in 2001 from the Visconti. the length is 114mm capped, and 136mm posted. the pen is made of vintage celluloid bar, with a syringe type filler. the filler rod is also made of celluloid. they are available in two editions. the silver edition of 388 pens in green, grey and red celluloid with silver clip and trims. it is mounted with a 14k gold nib and silvery plated. the vermeil edition of 188 pens are made of green and grey celluloid.

the silver versions,

filling is simple, push to empty and pull to fill,

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