Visconti Leonardo da Vinci (1992)

Visconti Leonardo da Vinci was created for members of the Accademia Italiana della Penna Stilografica (Accademia Italiana) in 1992. the membership number was stamped on the pen and 130 pens were made. the beauty of blue and green celluloid is difficult to be pictured. the golden clip is the same as the Visconti Ragtime (1991) clip with the crest and stamped with the "VISCONTI RAGTIME FIRENZE ITALIA". the cap end has the Accademina Italiana logo. The Accademia Italiana was found 1990.

very nice information about the Visconti Ragtime can be found at Peaceable Writer

ink bottle and tablets

name of the pen "Leonardo da Vinci" stamped on the barrel

equipped with 14k two-tone gold nib, "piston" filled with a blind cap,

cap top logo,

the paper,
 photo leonardodavinci02_zps0992aab2.jpg  photo leonardodavinci01_zps49b22461.jpg

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jde said...

Hey thanks for the link about my Ragtime post! Your photos of the da Vinci make me miss it. I always learn something here on your blog. Appreciate it.

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