Pilot Elite95S (2013)

Elite95S is another re-production of the 95th anniversary of Pilot Pen. it is a short pocket acrylic pen, 118.8m when capped, and 147.2mm posted. the weight of the whole pen with cap is only 13.9g (no cartridge, no converter).
there are two color schemes, the all black acrylic and dark red acrylic with double anodized aluminum cap. the trim are gold plated for both. the pen has 14k gold nib (in EF, F and M) and filled with con-20 convertor or cartridge. the con-20 convertor is not included in this JPY 10000 pen.

Product code: FES-1MM
the pilot press release


Pilot Justus

the new Pilot Justus95 has been already reviewed on FPN and Comparison of the old and new Justus

as Bruno Taut mentioned that the "ornamental design" was invented designed by Shigeki Chiba 千葉茂樹 USD260658 and JP 586163 . however, the Justus original mechanism could be invented by Shikichi Yanagita 柳田清吉 as he filed the patent US4347011, "Fountain pen equipped with a resiliency adjustment device" on Nov 1979. it also referenced to the Japan patents S55-69496, S55-114592, S55-114593, S55-114594, S56-17172, S61-13097.

the new Justus95 has two finishes, the NB, "net black" or barleycorn and SB, "stripe black". it is larger than the original FJ-1000R-B released in 1979. the Justus95 can be filled with con-70 converter

the nib of the original Justus FJ-1000R-B,

the nib of Justus95, size #10 14k gold nib

and date code of the Justus95 nib,

and the nib size comparison,

the dimensions of the new Justus95 are as follows,
justus95 FJ-3MR-NB, capped:26.6g 147.8mm, pen:17.3g 133.7mm, cap:9.3g diameter:16.0mm, nib:0.56g
justus95 FJ-3MR-SB, capped:26.5g 147.7mm, pen:17.2g 133.2mm, cap:9.3g diameter:16.0mm
original FJ-1000R-B, capped:18.4g 140.7mm, pen:11.7g 125.2mm, cap:6.7g diameter:13.8mm, nib:0.38g

there are two movies by the Pilot Corp about the Justus95 (Artist: SHOHEI Otomo),

p.s. there was also a maple wood barrel FJK-1200K Justus, mentioned by a member of the PenCabin.


switching the clips of lamy safari

the lamy safari cap can be disassembled. the cap top can be a black or colored cross for the fountain pen, and a "slot" for the rollerball. it can also be a colored dots. now i have made my own version of safari by switching the clip of a "China" version rollerball and a normal lamy safari blue fountain pen.

there are chances of the loosen clip or the inner cap may be deformed.

do that at your own risk!


the cap disassembled...


comparing with the normal blue again...

how? take a look at how TMLee do so at http://www.fountainpennetwork.com/forum/index.php/topic/198355-lamy-safari/?p=2016980, when assembling the cap, i use a Pilot con-70 to press the inner cap back to the position.

how about a yellow safari with yellow clip?

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