Conid FPR Demonstrator Streamline/Sleek Bulkfiller 2013

another run of Conid bulkfiller demonstrator has been released in 2013, it is available in two versions, streamline and sleek. here is one of the 60 streamline demonstrator.
we can see some improvements. the ink window is extended and there is an additional o-ring inside cap for sealing, the barrel closure nut is now made of metal (probably titanium?).

 photo L1100826_zps55311b8b.jpg  photo L1100827_zps03578006.jpg  photo L1100830_zpsdf273c79.jpg

added: the inked one is the SL model and the other is the SLK (sleek) model


Paul said...

I'm curious but where did you buy this? Thanks!

Paul said...
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kmpn said...

hello Paul, please check their website http://www.conidpen.com/

thanks a lot.

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