Pilot Converters

with reference to this FPN post, i have a photo of Pilot converters in my collection.

from the left,
a. con-70 - with black coating for higher end Pilot/Namiki fountain pens.
b. con-70 - with normal chrome plated.
c. con-50 - twist piston type converter.
e. con-50 - same as above with a metal object to improve ink flow, introduced mid 2012
e. con-20 - a current one with blue sac.
f. con-20 - an older one con-20 with white sac.
g. a hoop type converter.
h. con-w converter for 1960s Pilot pens, smaller opening than the current converters.
i. unused small ink cartridge for 1960s Pilot pens, same fitting as con-w converter.
j. a dual ink cartridges coupler, same ink cartridge as above .


Montblanc Honoré de Balzac Ink (2013)

Montblanc Writers ink 2013 is Honoré de Balzac in dandy turquoise (35ml), Made in Austria

a review can be found at FPN

Montblanc Special Ink

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