Montblanc Heritage Collection 1912 (Resin 2013)

Montblanc Heritage 1912 in black resin pays tribute to the safety filler hundred years ago. the modern interpretation is a piston filled pen with retractable nib. this is the cheaper version of the Heritage Limited edition released last year. it is a small pen with 121mm capped and 126mm when the nib extended.
the weight is 48.4g with cap, and 37.0g for the pen alone.
uncapping can be done in 1-3/4 turns, and the nib would extend when turning the knob at the end for 3/4 turn. after the nib is completely extended, pull out the knob by around 2mm and turn the knob to operate the piston. the piston cannot be operated when the nib is not fully extended.

if you know german, please find their patent WO2013057274A1 or DE102011116762A1 or CN103889732A

pulling out the knob to operate the piston,

the nib is 14k rhodium plated with triangle breath hole, and it is "soft/elastic".

the cap top is a white star in transparent resin covered with lacquer,
"made in germany" stamped under the platinum plated clip,

more info: Montblanc Stories


T Square said...


May i k.ow where did you buy this?


kmpn said...

they should be available from the Montblanc Boutiques and pen shops, thanks a lot.

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