Pilot Kakuno (2013)

Pilot Kakuno is a beginner's fountain pen. it has a hexagonal barrel and cap, a triangular grip. it can be fitted with ink cartridge, CON-20 or CON-50 converter. (newer ones also accept CON-70)
six colors and two nib sizes are available.

here is a red one with F nib,

can use CON-20 or CON-50 converter (just found that the newer ones accept CON-70 as well),

the feed and nib can be removed and inserted in another angle.

four new colors were added in March 2014, they have a white barrel and transparent section, the nib smiley has changed,


Queenie Tai said...

Where can i buy this pen in HongKong?

kmpn said...

it is not available in Hong Kong yet.

Jay said...

It is a very pleasant fountain pen at a fairly reasonable price (I can buy them in the US direct from Japan for less than $18-$20)

It feels light and comfortable in the hand.

The ink flow while writing is very good.

The nib is stiff enough (for the medium nib) for writing checks

the pilot cartridge ink, though, is somewhat prone to feathering

G said...

Can you change the nib? And what fits?

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