Montblanc Pink Ink (2015)

Montblanc Pink Ink (2015)
Ident. Nr: 111411
Volume: 30ml
Made in Austria


Lamy safari BROWN Edition (2015)

Lamy safari BROWN Edition (2015)
the matt brown Lamy Safari is a collaboration edition with LINE.
this bear LINE character is name "BROWN", which is engraved on the cap.
the fountain pen is only available in black plated EF nib.
and there is also a BROWN rollerball edition.

the booklet is written in English, both simplified and traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean .

the fountain pen and roller ball,

Lamy safari Neon Lime (2015)

Lamy safari Neon Lime (2015)

neon lime(2015), neon(2013), green(2012), lime(2008,2011)

the color differences are difficult to catch...
or i probably need a new camera :(


Lamy safari special editions

Lamy Safari was designed by Wolfgang Fabian and Prof. Bernt Spiegel (design patent USD 264854, USD 265212).
it started production since 1980.

Lamy Safari special editions are produced for a certain period only,
however, they may or may not reproduce again.

YearNameBodyClipNibCap TopRemark
2004FlameOrangeRed?Red dot
2006Blue & RedRoyal BlueRedBlackRed dot
2007BlackBlackChromeChromeBlack crossas regular model 2008
WhiteWhiteChromeChromeWhite crossWhite o-ring,
as regular model in 2010
2008LimeLight GreenChromeChromeBlack crossLight Green cross pen top for 2011
2009OrangeOrangeChromeChromeOrange dotOrange cross pen top for 2011
PinkPinkChromeChromePink dotPink cross pen top for 2011
black cross pen top for 2013,
as regular model in 2014
2011AquamarineAquamarineChromeChromeAquamarine cross
2012GreenBright GreenChromeChromeBright Green Crossaka apple green
black cross cap top for 2014,
as regular model in 2016
2013NeonNeon YellowChromeChromeBlack Cross
2014Neon CoralNeon CoralChromeChromeBlack Crosswith special ink cartridge
2015Neon LimeNeon LimeChromeChromeBlack Crosswith special ink cartridge
2016Dark LilacDark LilacBlackBlackBlack Crossmatt finish, with special ink cartridge
2017PetrolPetrolBlackBlackBlack Crossmatt finish, with special ink cartridge

In 2011, the pink safari appears with a pink cross pen cap top. the lime also has a green cross. and so as the orange one...

In 2013, the pink safari re-issued with black cross cap top. and it appears as regular model in 2014.

the "Green" safari is available with a black cross cap top in 2014.

here they are,

some of the regular production versions,
vista (transparent), hot (red), sky (blue), safari (yellow), s2 (charcoal), griso (grey), alpin (white).
the griso (grey) had matt finish and alpin (white with black clip) were available as matt and glossy finish. alpin and griso were discontinued. Lamy stopped using the term hot, sky and s2 in 2008, and replaced them with shiny red, shiny blue and matt charcol.

In 2010, the yellow, red and blue safari are replaced with the chrome clips and chrome nibs. and the yellow safari is "fresher" in color.

here are the alpin in two finishes.

here are the discontinued savannagrün (savanna green) and terrarot(terracotta). the "terrarot" name was suggested by christof,

other known variants,

more readings: haywoody's "Lamy Safari" on FPN
macthemaths' "Lamy Safari Colors" on FPN

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