Lamy Safari Blue and Red (2015)

a new batch of Lamy Safari Blue and Red are found in the pen shop. the color, clip and cap top are almost the same as those released in 2006. they are now in chrome-plated nib and having a few minor differences on the molding.


Dominik D. said...

Where did you get this pen?
Do you know if they are also available in Europe, especially Germany?

kmpn said...

i found that in a local pen shop :D
no idea if they are available in other places.

Unknown said...


Which pen shop in Hong Kong?


inhotwater said...

Hi, has anyone established where this 2015 version of the pen is available? I would be interested in a purchase but Lamy (Aust) say it's not available in Australia. If someone knows the contact details for a pen shop in Hong Kong then I would be happy to contact them.

Unknown said...

I found it in the new Eslite Book Store in Taikoo Shing, HK

Uffuffa said...

Hello KMPN,

This moulding is an interesting point. I have reviewed several of my pens from many different years based on this observation and can find several with numbers, several with these dots (between one and four dots) and several that are completely blank. I suspect that this moulding difference is not a distinguishing point between the original and the new French blue but I can't be sure. Certainly you have made a very careful observation that I had never noticed before. Thank you for sharing.

Best wishes,

kmpn said...

hello Uffuffa, they might have changed from numbers to dots a few years ago. i could find numbers from earliest models like a savanna green without "w.germany" marking and terracotta orange. the dots should have replaced the moulding numbers. yes, you are correct that the current models have one to four dots. all my safari barrel have such numbers or dots, however, some of them were nearly worn out.

thanks a lot.


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