lamy new z28 converter

lamy updated its z24 converter recently, and it is named z28
here is a rough comparison with the z26 and old z24 converter,

the metal ring has changed to chrome matte finish, the plastic tube is now transparent, and red turning knob is more square and matte finished.

z26 (left), new z28 (middle) and old z24 (right) converter

updated: it is named z28


Trill said...

How do you disassemble the Z28??? It doesn't feel like it is supposed to come off and I am worried I will break it! Is it the same as the Z24?

kmpn said...

well, i haven't tried to disassemble it, as long as it is working normally.

Nicholas Aarons said...

Yes you just Pull Up on the Chrome Ring like the Original Converters. I hope this helps. Nick.

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