Pen Shops in Hong Kong 香港的筆店

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Here are the pen shops in Hong Kong selling fountain pens.

Brands like Cartier, Cross, Dunhill, S.T. Dupont, Graf von Faber-Castell, Lamy, Montblanc, Parker, Pilot, Porsche Design, Waterman have their own boutiques/counters, please visit their websites for the locations.

Hop Cheong Pens & Lighters Co.

G/F., 111 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong.
Tel.:(852)-2544-2197, (852)-2543-3689

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Winner Pens Collection
(close after 2020-May-15)

Man Yee Arcade, Shop 110
68 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong.
萬宜大廈商場 110 號

Tel.: (852)-2710-8802
Fax.: (852)-2781-2608

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Feng Yuan Company

G 21B, Houston Centre, 63 Mody Road, Tsimshatsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong
尖沙咀東麼地道63號 好時中心 G21B 店

Tel.: (852)-2366-1703
Tel.: (852)-2375-8178
Tel.: (852)-2739-1086
Fax.: (852)-2724-3906
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Ink House

Shop C, 50 Stanley Street, Central, Hong Kong.
Tel : (852)-2537-8828

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G/F, 236 Tai Nan Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon

Tel.: (852)-3619-5136
Tel.: (852)-3619-3086

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Kwong Lan Pen Company

Shop A6, 285 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Tel.: (852)-2544-2317
Fax.: (852)-2545-0434

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Chun Kee Stationery Co. Ltd

G/F, 11 Lock Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.

Tel.: (852)-2739-3960
Fax.: (852)-2368-1482 / (852)-2367-4196

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CN Square

530 Nathan Road, Yaumati, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
香港九龍油麻地 彌敦道 530號

Tel.: (852)-2384-2430
Fax.: (852)-2385-1606

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ghosa said...

nice pen company will shutdown very soon. seems that hong kong people not appreciate using fountain pen. pen shop in hong kong becomes less and less.

利昌快要執笠了 :(

David Health said...

I am looking for van Gogh ball pen 筆芯,do you know where to buy?

kmpn said...

hello David, you may bring the ballpen to the pen shops and they may able to find suitable refills for you. thank you.

Snake said...

Hi, may I ask that where can I find a Raspberry AL-star fountain pen in Hong Kong?
Thanks you so much.

kmpn said...

there is a Lamy Counter at B/F, Apita Department Store, CityPlaza, Taikoo.

and there are many pen shop selling Lamy pen.

you can find more varieties of Lamy pens at the Feng Yuan Company.

Snake said...

Is it still possible to find it as it seems a limited edition of 2008 or sth...

F.8 said...

Thanks for putting up the store locations. I find Hop Cheong to have really good service. Winner Pens, also in Central has competitive prices as well but their (two) staff could do with a bit of customer service training IMO.

don said...

I am looking for Pilot Plumix. Do you know where to buy? thanks!

kmpn said...

hello Don, i have no idea about that, you may look for them in stationery stores. thanks.

don said...

Thanks for replying, I'll try to stationary stores. thanks!

don said...

Hi kmpn, sorry again. I couldn't find the Pilot Plumix. How about the Lamy Joy? Could you tell me where can I get it please? thanks again!

kmpn said...

hello Don, those pen shops and stationary shops would carry them. good luck.

Chris said...


would anyone happen to know where to find some rare watermans?

specifically, I am looking for the Marine Amber Waterman Carene, and their boutiques at sogo have said that no one carries it.


Evey said...
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Den Lim said...

Best place to buy inks in HK? Iroshizuku, etc.

kmpn said...

hello Den, if you need Iroshizuku, there are a Pilot Counters in Taikoo Shing and Kowloon Bay. the new Eslite Book Store, 10/F Hysan Place at Causesway Bay also has that.

other pen shops should also carry them. thanks a lot.

Den Lim said...


Den Lim said...

Went to Eslite last night. The pens and inks seem more expensive.

Vic.Zed said...
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Vic.Zed said...

is there anywhere I can get some noodler's ink?

kmpn said...

currently, there is no pen shops carry the Noodler's ink.

global savage said...

hi kmpn, do you know where i can find Diamine or Private Reserve inks in HK?

kmpn said...

they are seldom found in Hong Kong.

Unknown said...

Where can I buy shellac in hong kong I need to repair an esterbrook and need some materials... my mobile is 94361775 . If anyone can hellp

信長軍 said...

shellac......the only way you can get it should be online
taobao should be a good choice,just ask your local friends if they know about taobao

pingpong said...


may I know where to find Visconti, esp Home Sapien Brzone, in HK?

Thank you.

kmpn said...

hello pingpong,

currently, there is no Visconti Distributor in Hong Kong. it is hard to find here.

Unknown said...

I want to sell a ST. Dupont black pen.

Where can i go? Thanks!

Unknown said...

JI'd like to know whether the Pilot M90 is available in HK. Would you know where to find this? Thanks!

cheauie said...

Hi does anyone know where i can get a leaking dunhill pen fixed?

kmpn said...

hello cheauie, the best way is to bring the pen to their boutiques, you may find their locations at http://www.st-dupont.com/en/points-of-sales/ or give them a phone call first.

gangying said...

hi, may i know which shop in kowloon can i find the most montblanc fountain pen? I'll get around hk for half day only. thank you

kmpn said...

usually, the montblanc boutiques would have the most montblanc pens. you may find a few pen shops in Tsim Sha Tsui. thanks a lot.

Unknown said...

Hello! Again, I'm looking for the Pilot M90, is this available in HK?

blufish88 said...

Thank you very much for providing information on the pen shop location in Hong Kong. Really helps my pen hunting in HK.

Unknown said...

Are there any Pelikan retailer in HK?

kmpn said...

hello Max, most of the pen shops mentioned above carry Pelikan. thanks a lot.

Kathysk said...

Hi, do you happen to know where can I get pilot 78g in HK? I searched in Taikooshing and Eslite already but found nothing. Thankyou.

Unknown said...

place to but custom made pens in HK. Have to be a physical shop

November11th said...


I was wondering if it is still possible to get Montblanc limited ink "Ink of Friendship" and another one was "Sakura"

kmpn said...

they may be available on auction sites :D

November11th said...

where is the auction site? please let me know ;(

kmpn said...

they sometimes appear on ebay or yahoo auction at japan.

November11th said...

I couldn't even find out any one of it ;(
Are these retail stores that you listed selling those inks?

kmpn said...

they are sold-out items, not available in the physical stores or boutiques.

kk said...
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kk said...

Where to buy general-use Japanese pens and mechanical pencils in Hong Kong with best price? Ex, Uni-ball DX UM-151 gel pen, Pilot Hi-Tec-C gel pen, Pilot Dr. Grip pens/pencils?

Unknown said...

Anyone know where can I get a lamy 14k nib for my lamy safari

kmpn said...

you may need to contact the lamy local distributor.

Unknown said...

Hi! Where is the exact location of Kwong Lan Pen Company? It's not available in Google Maps. Thank you!

kmpn said...

it is here, https://goo.gl/maps/c9KHbARNTQ92

HSW said...

Hi wheres the best place to get lamy . Can't seem to find a shop shop

Derek T said...

Thanks for your helpful site!

My father who will be visiting from Hawaiii for just a few days wants to buy a couple of Mont Blanc ballpoint pens (not rollerball) and to have some engraving done on them. Any recommendations for a shop that has real product at a good price and with good service? Thanks in advance for any feedback!

kmpn said...

Hello Derek, most of the pen shops would carry these, however they may need a few days to have the engraving done.

Derek T said...

Hi kmpn, thanks very much for your swift and helpful reply!

On HK Island, what would be your top 2 pen shops to check out? I recall about 10 years ago that there was a small pen shop on King's Road in North Point that I bought a few "Collectors" Mont Blanc pens from. Are you aware of such a shop in North Point? I guess it's so long ago the shop may have closed down by now.

Thanks again!

kmpn said...

hello Derek, you may check those two in the Central, if i remember correctly, one has an engraving machine in shop, but i am not quite sure if they could still operate on that.
thanks a lot.

Derek T said...

Hi kmpn, again, thanks so much for your great feedback. Your Google Map is really helpful too. Best wishes!

J. S. said...

Hi there. I'm a new fountain pen fan, especially of Lamy's special edition Safari/Al-stars, and I was told that Hong Kong has a lot more access to the limited inks. Do you do reselling, or know of any9ne who does? I'm especially interested in Dark Lilac and Copper Orange.

kmpn said...

Heelo Jordynn, i'm not a reseller for any pens, please contact the Lamy Hong Kong agent. thanks a lot

Unknown said...

Hi. I am a fountain pen fan in Hong Kong. Is there any user/collector group in Hong Kong for exchanging information and buy/sell?

kmpn said...

there is a fb group

pat.k said...
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pat.k said...

Anyone know where can we get pilot prera stub ? CN Square doesn't stock them

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I am looking for second pen with embedded diamond.

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