Lamy al-star "Thinking Tools" (2016)

Lamy al-star "Thinking Tools" is one of the special editions for its "50 years of Lamy design" exhibition in Frankfurt.

it is an al-star graphite with special engravings with the cap featuring the "50 Years Emblem"

more information at https://www.lamy.com/microsites/50years/downloads/PI_LAMY_AL-star_thinking_tools_GB.pdf


Namiki Chinkin Cat and Royal Rooster (2016)

Namiki Chinkin Cat and Royal Rooster (2016)

two regular editions of Namiki Chinkin are released in Yukari Royale size. Dot carving technique extensively use on the Cat, while linear carving is the major technique on the Royal Rooster.
these two Chinkin is the work of Master Yasuji Sumi.


Montblanc William Shakespeare Ink (2016)

Montblanc William Shakespeare Ink for Writer 2016, 35ml
Velvet Red,
Ident Nr. 104959

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