Japanese Competition on Nib Gold Fineness

in the early 1970s, there was a competition on gold fineness for the fountain pen nibs among the three Japanese pen manufacturers, Pilot, Platinum and Sailor. the fountain pen nibs are usually made with 14k (58.5%) or 18k (75.0%) gold mainly for the resistance of corrosion with the ink. they have released higher gold content 21k, 22k and 23k nibs in the early 1970s. nowadays, except the Sailor with 21k gold, the other two companies, Pilot and Platinum, continues to use the 14k and 18k gold nibs.
In 1996, as described in the book Fountain Pens of Japan, Sailor developed a 24k (99.9%) gold nib.

here are a few examples of high gold content pens from these companies, from the left,
Pilot Elite 22k
Platinum 22k and 23k
Sailor 21k, 23k and 24k

scanned paper for the Sailor 24k gold nib pen,

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I am a gold nib enthusiast and I am looking for a Sailor Mini 24k, similar to the ones you posted here.

Would you by any chance know where I could find one?

If yes, please email me at marvinposas97@gmail.com

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