Montblanc The Beatles Ink (2017)

Montblanc The Beatles Ink (2017)

Ident Nr.: 116250
50ml, made in Austria.


Pilot Custom Urushi Vermillion (2017)

a vermillion version of the gigantic Pilot Custom Urushi is available in 2017. only the middle of the barrel and cap are done in vermillion urushi, the same as the custom 845 vermillion


Montblanc Zodiacs Dog Ink (2017)

Montblanc started a new series of ink for The Legend of Zodiacs, and it is Dog for year 2018. the color is red, new 50ml box, made in Austria.


Montblanc Antoine de Saint-Exupéry ink (2017)

Montblanc Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Ink (2017)
Writer Edition 2017

Ident Nr. 116249
Volume: 50ml
Production: Austria


Pilot Custom 845 Maruzen Nihonbashi Urushi (2014-2016)

Ordinary Pilot Custom 845 only have the black urushi, the Asahiya Kami Bungu has commissioned a Vermillion urushi as their special edition. from 2014 to 2016, the Maruzen Nihonbashi Department store offered a limited special edition Custom 845 for their pen fair in March. All this Pilot Custom 845 models are based on their 75th Anniversary model released in 1993.

2014 - Ao Urushi 青漆, limited 30 piece, re-issue for 50 pieces (?), 18k two tone #15 nib in F, M, B, listed price JPY57750

2015 - Midori Urushi 緑漆, limited 50 pieces, re-issuefor 50 pieces (?), 18k two tone #15 nib in F, M, B, BB, listed price JPY59400

2016 - Beni Urushi 紅漆, limited 100 pieces, 18k two tone #15 nib in F, M, B, BB, listed price JPY59400

the Midori 2015 and Beni 2016 have "MARUZEN NIHOMBASHI URUSHI" on the back of the cap,

comparison with the Vermillion one,


Lamy Safari Petrol (2017)

Lamy Safari Petrol (2017)
matted barrel with black clip and nib


Montblanc UNICEF Ink 2017

Montblanc UNICEF Ink 2017

the new 50ml bottle and packaging would replace the 30ml or 35ml for the special edition inks.
ident 116223

size comparison of the 50ml vs 30ml


Pilot Custom Urushi (2016)

Pilot Custom Urushi is the new model introduced in 2016 by the Pilot. the initial impression is "big", bigger, thicker, longer and more expensive, as compared with their old flagship model Custom 845. you could consider it as an enlarged version, however there are a few improvements over the Custom 845, as least to me myself. the section mold line has polished off, the felt cushion around the interior of the cap edge is also removed and there is no golden USUSHI mark on the back of the cap.

capped length is 155mm

the newly developed #30 nib is quite soft, have a choice of FM, M and B.

filled with con-70 or cartridges

Custom 845 and Custom Urushi

Custom 845 and Custom Urushi

size comparison of Custom 845, Montblanc 149 and Custom Urushi

the #30 nib has comparable size with the Montblanc 149 nib, and the #15 nib on the left is for size reference.

updated 20170310
added a comparison of the uncapped Custom 845, Custom Urushi, and Montblanc 149,

more info:
Custom Urushi - Bruno Taut
Size 30 and KoP - Bruno Taut
Size Comparison with MB149 - Mori Mutsumi
Size Comparison with MB149 #2 - Mori Mutsumi
Size Comparison with MB149 #3 - Mori Mutsumi
Michikusa Blog
current Pilot Custom series
Pilot Nibs


Pilot/Namiki Nibs

the following photo shows the size of different current Pilot/Namiki nibs,

here is a old photo without the #30 nib

3 0.38g
5 0.53g
10 0.62g
15 0.70g
20 0.78g
50 2.03g

Namiki #20 nib is the same size as Pilot #15, but with different shape and
feed. Namiki nibs usually carry the PP-F hallmark as follows,

Most Pilot/Namiki nibs have date code stamped in the format of "XMMYY", "XMYY", "MMYY" or "MYY"

X is a alphabet, e.g. "A", "B", "a", "b", "H", "T" ...
"H" was the Hiratsuka factory 平塚工場, and "T", Tokyo factory 志村工場 (opened Dec 1935, renamed to Tokyo factory May 1966, moved Nov 1978), was closed for some time. these two alphabets are no longer use today. "A" and "B" mark the different welding machines in the Hiratsuka factory.

MM or M is single or double digit denotes the month.

YY is the year, e.g. 09 is 2009.

some older nibs would also has the old JIS mark.

more info:
Bruno Taut: Datation of Japanese Pens. II. Pilot Nibs
Bruno Taut: Datation of Japanese Pens. III. Pilot’s Pen Bodies

since 2010, the first alphabet is omitted.

from the catalog of Namiki, there are several varieties of Namiki nibs,
Two tone 18k #50: for Emperor collection and Chinkin collection (large size)
Two tone 18k #20: for Yukari Royale collection and Chinkin collection (medium size)
Two tone 18k #10: for Yukari collection
Single tone 18k #50: for Urushi collection (large size)
Single tone 18k #20: for Urushi collection (medium size)
Single tone 14k #10: for Nippon Art collection (FN-5M)
Single tone 14k #5: for Nippon Art collection (FN-35SM)


Pilot Custom

we have a new member for the Pilot Custom family, the Custom Urushi with #30 nib,

from the left, Custom Urushi, 845, 823, 743, 742, 74, 912, 91 and 92

the higher end models have thicker bands and trims.

the nibs:
Urushi18k30two tone



84518k15two tone


82314k15single tone


74314k15single toneYYYYYYYYYY
74214k10single toneYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
7414k5single toneYYYYYYYYYYY

91214k10single tone rhodium platedYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
9114k5single tone rhodium platedYYYYYYYYY

9214k5single tone rhodium platedYY

all can use the CON-70 converter except 823 and 92.

the dimensions are as follows
Modellength (mm)pen length (mm)diameter (mm)weight (g)pen weight (g)
with CON-70 except 823 and 92

the diameter are measured at the pen cap band.

Comparison of the feeds for the #30, #15, #10 and #5 nibs,


Montblanc Lucky Orange Ink (2017)

Montblanc Lucky Orange Ink (2017)
Ident Nr 114960
Volume: 30ml
Production: Austria

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