Pilot Custom Urushi (2016)

Pilot Custom Urushi is the new model introduced in 2016 by the Pilot. the initial impression is "big", bigger, thicker, longer and more expensive, as compared with their old flagship model Custom 845. you could consider it as an enlarged version, however there are a few improvements over the Custom 845, as least to me myself. the section mold line has polished off, the felt cushion around the interior of the cap edge is also removed and there is no golden USUSHI mark on the back of the cap.

capped length is 155mm

the newly developed #30 nib is quite soft, have a choice of FM, M and B.

filled with con-70 or cartridges

Custom 845 and Custom Urushi

Custom 845 and Custom Urushi

size comparison of Custom 845, Montblanc 149 and Custom Urushi

the #30 nib has comparable size with the Montblanc 149 nib, and the #15 nib on the left is for size reference.

more info:
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