Lamy 2000

it's all the way back to 1966... from a Lamy publication,

"With its functional shape determined solely by practicality, its brave combination of materials such as stainless steel and Makrolon and its innovative technical details including a sprung clip, this revolutionary writing instrument does not just define new standards for the sector. ...
For Lamy itself it also marks the beginning of a new era - of distinctive Lamy Design."

2000 LE: Body 27g, Cap 18g, Total=45g
ordinary 2000: Body 13g, Cap 9g, Total=22g

#01 Lamy 2000, 14k gold Pt coated nib, piston filled.

here is an stainless steel in butler finish with the "LAMY Edition 2000", limited edition of 5000 in year 2000,


HW69 pen stand and Lamy 2000s
HW69 and Lamy 2000s

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