Lamy Accent

Lamy Accent (1998-) has a user configurable grip section (product model Z90/Z91). It comes with three finishes, palladium, matt black and brilliant. use the screw-in Z25 converter and also screw cap.

Model 95: Palladium finish, steel nib
Model 97: Matt black lacquer finish, black steel nib
Model 98: Brilliant lacquer finish, 14k bi-color gold nib

iF product design award 2000

different grip sections

LO Orange Lacquer
EH Edelharz
KK India Rubber
KL Gray Strips
AR Red Anodized Aluminum
AB Blue Anodized Aluminum
AP Aluminum-Palladium finish
KB Cherry Wood
BB Pear Wood

BY Briarwood
LD Diamond Lacquer
PT Platinum Coat

update 20140729: add KW grip Lamy Accent Al KW

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