Lamy Dialog 2

After the release of Dialog 1 in 2003, the second dialog series appeared as a rollerball in 2006. The name is naturally "Dialog 2", designed by Knud Holscher, a Danish architect and designer. A twist operated capless rollerball point, with the retractable sprung clip, all palladium finish.

2006: LAMY dialog 2 – Lamy meets Knud Holscher
Good Design Award 2006, Chicago Athenaeum
iF product design award 2007

dialog 2 in the box

sprung clip with GERMANY engraved

dialog 1 and 2

Weight: 42.37g with M66 refill.

1 comment:

Hasan said...

hey, i just wanted to know, i am going to buy one of these, and which one would you recommend:

the dialog 1 or the dialog 2? im thinkin the 2 because its a rollerball but i think i prefer the style of the 1.

which one is better?


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