Lamy Noto

A new product in 2008, Lamy Noto, designed by Naoto Fukasawa 深澤 直人. A very simple ballpoint pen, triangular plastic body, integrated clip and push button.

Red Dot Award: Product Design 2009

available with several colors

as simple as six parts... fits with Lamy M16 refill


F said...

The Lamy Noto clip works good to fix the pen to paper, but to fix it to a shirt pocket I need both hands.

The mechanism ist not 100% reliable.

Otherwise one of the best ballpoint pens.

Lamy Noto Kugelschreiber: Im Test sehr gut

R.O.G.V. said...

I have many Lamy pens. I love my Noto. I wrote a story about it.


I hope you like it.

bolamola said...

Mine dosent work and I dont know why..

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