Lamy 2000 Update

a new Lamy 2000 has arrived, it has an improved metal inner section and smoother piston,
it's about 4g heavier than the previous version.

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some of the old versions can be found at lamy labo


novic said...

Do you know where can I find this new edition? Most of online stores still sell old stocks.


kmpn said...

they are available at the local (Hong Kong) pen stores.

kindle said...

If I am very interested whether this is genuine, and there is more detailed information, please teach it.

Carlos Contreras said...


My name is Carlos Javier Contreras and I am the editor of a non-profit fountain pen blog in Spanish. I have received a lot of inquiries about these new Lamy 2000s. Sadly, I only own an old model. Is it possible for me to use your photos of the new vs old Lamy 2000 for an entry in my blog? Of course, I would give you proper attribution and proper linking to your original blog entry in English.

Besides that, thanks for the entry. I’m having the leaking issue that probably prompted the described re-design.


Carlos Javier Contreras.

kmpn said...

hi Carlos Contreras, i'm glad that the photos are useful for your blog. please use them on your blog.

btw, one of my old version has just broken...

Carlos Contreras said...

Thanks a lot for the photos kmpn.

Btw, where did your Lamy 2000 break? I like mine so much that I would inmediatelly buy another one, but it seems that those pens break more frequently than other models.


Carlos Javier.

kmpn said...

it breaks at the section near the "ears".

Speedmaster said...

VERY interesting! Any pics of the piston in the new one, compared to the old one?

Carlos Contreras said...

Have they changed the piston or have they finally decided to do it right on the first try and lube it correctly before leaving their plant?

kmpn said...

they should have changed the material in the piston construction.

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