Pelikan M101N Special Edition 2011

More than 70 years after the launch of 101N in 1937, Pelikan introduces the tortoiseshell brown M101N Special Edition in April 2011.

the pen is very light with weigh of only 9.00 gram and the cap is 5.79 gram, the whole pen totally is 14.79 gram. it is small about 123mm long with the cap, and 117mm for the pen only.

The tortoiseshell barrel and cap are now made of cellulose acetate instead of the celluloid.

the dark brown section and end pieces are made of resin. the cap top has the Pelikan logo, the wording "Pelikan" and "GERMANY".

the clip and two rings are 24k gold plated, and "GERMANY" is also imprinted under the clip.

the nib is 14k gold with the same style of traditional marking "Pelikan 585 14 KARAT".

there is no special box, no paper about such special editon, just a tag and a generic Pelikan box. environmentally friendly, period.

Link: Pelikan
more on the piston at the FPN

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