Pilot Elabo First Generation

this is probably a first generation Pilot Elabo in the 1980s,
my previous Pilot Elabo can be found at FS-18SR and FS-25SR.

this early Elabo has a thinner barrel and snap-on cap, all are made of resin, the barrel has a serial number stamped.

it can use CON-20 and CON-50 converter,

the back of the feed is lacquer coated, however bubbles may appear after inked and it would easily peer off!

a tape is used to remove the lacquer coating on the feed.
after thoroughly cleaning, i found the feed has a detachable piece, the structure appears complex,
the nib is dated H285, February 1985,


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Garren said...

where you can find namiki/ pilot in Hong Kong? can u give me your email so that I can ask you where to buy some of the very nice pen on your blog? thx

kmpn said...

hello Garren, i have a list of the pen shops in Hong Kong.

however, some of the pens may not be found in the shops.

Garren said...

yeah I think I've been to all of the shops in your list and don't see any of your mouth drooping collection, thought u have somewhere else to access to those pens, I'm recently practicing copperplate and am looking for flex pen for it. got a Namiki Falcon and it wasn't as flex as I thought , in fact, I flex the nib too hard and split the nib.....
has to send it back to US to a nib meister to get it fix, so expensive. Currently I'm using either vintage dip pen or a vintage waterman with 14k gold nib to practice, but they are both not convenient to carry around. Just bought a Noodler Konrad online, hopefully this pen together with the Namiki Falcon with make some good carry around pen for my daily use. copperplating and pen hunting is a very lonely hobby and I have no one to ask or share with. good to find your blog though

kmpn said...

hello Garren, normally the out of the box pilot Falcon or 742/743 FA nib would not do good result for copperplate, sending off to the nib masters could help a lot. however it is not cheaper and there is a long waiting queue.

your Namiki Falcon can only use CON-20 and CON-50, is that correct? actually, you may add a metal pilot falcon for carrying around, it can use the CON-70.

thanks a lot.

董京尘 said...

你好,我很好奇namiki falcon有没有ef笔尖?我看到elabo有sef,和namiki差别大么?我从笔坛看到你的评论,真是受益良多,多谢了!

kmpn said...



tubuliferous said...

Do the first generation Elabos have nibs comparable to the new Elabos? Has the nib design changed over time aside from cosmetic differences (e.g. rhodium plating)?

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