Visconti Caravel (1992)

Visconti Caravel was released in 1992 for the 500 anniversary of Columbus’ expedition and the discovery America. The package contained fountain pens, ink pots, leather cases and paintings by Mario Fantini representing a caravel. The piston filled fountain pens are made of celluloid with marbling of three colors: brown (Pinta), blue (Nina) and red (Santa Maria). they were the three ships used by Christopher Columbus in his first voyage in 1492.

the nib is two-tone 14k gold, the short clip is similar to the earlier Ragtime and were stamped “VISCONTI CARAVEL FIRENZE ITALIA”,

the cap top is the emblem of a caravel,

the packaging,
 photo L1100466_zpsbbd78489.jpg  photo L1100481_zps93ba2ea1.jpg  photo L1100472_zps75de9ee5.jpg

 photo L1100468_zpsec03c937.jpg  photo L1100483_zpse3189552.jpg  photo L1100475_zps56e3f41f.jpg

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