Pilot Custom 845 Series

Pilot Custom 845 was introduced in the 84th anniversary (2002) of the Pilot Pen Company. The final digit 5 denoted the price for JPY 50000 (exclude sale tax) in Japan. The nib is 18k two tone #15 gold nib in four sizes, F, M, B and BB. The main barrel and cap are made of ebonite and with resin ends with gold plated trims. It is a flat-top pen with length around 146mm and weight about 28g, filled with CON-70 or CON-70N converter. The ordinary Custom 845 has black urushi coated on part of the cap and barrel, and a golden word “URUSHI” is painted on the cap.
The Custom 845 is based on the Pilot 75th Anniversary (1993) model.

In September 2006, Pilot Custom 845 was available in red urushi 赤漆 for the NAGASAWA shops. it had same packaging as ordinary custom 845, but with a product code sticker for red urushi.

A special edition for vendors club 憂喜和会, in the form of Custom 845, 憂喜和会の特注カスタム845 (2008), special wide golden band with 「憂喜和会」 , 「三者鼎立」, and the cap top is a 「鼎」. https://michikusa-tsushin.net/archives/3218

The Custom Ichii 一位の木 (2012) is based on the Custom 845 in Ichii wood. Discontinued in 2019.

In September 2013, Pilot Custom 845 vermilion urushi 朱漆 is also available from the Asahiyakami Paper Stationary Shop, アサヒヤ紙文具店, http://www.asahiyakami.co.jp/pilot-custom845.php or http://www.japanshop-quill.com/pilot-custom845.php The Asahiyakami has two additional choices of nibs, single tone 14k #15 nibs FA and WA.

The Pilot Custom Enju 槐 (2013) is another wooden based Custom 845.

Custom 845 Aourushi 青漆 (2014)
In March 2014, Fountain pen fair held at Maruzen.
丸善 日本橋店 第5回 「世界の万年筆展」 05-11 March 2014 限定万年筆
"Ao Urushi" is navy blue color.
Limited 30 限定30本, JPY57,750
there were a reproduction of 50 pieces (October 2014) and the new batch were said to be brigher in color(?), https://michikusa-tsushin.net/archives/1768

Nagasawa 132nd Anniversary Rokko『六甲』 (2014)
Introduced in 15 May 2014 for the 132nd Anniversary of Nagasawa pen shops in Kobe, the pen cap made of maple from Hokkaido, with a special 18k nib and pen clip, pen ring stamped with "Pen Style SINCE 1882". Limited to 50 pieces. same packaging as the ordinary 845 with "Nagasawa" printed on outer box.
【ナガサワ132周年記念 オリジナル万年筆『六甲』】

毎年、弊社創業日に合わせて発売しております『創業記念 オリジナル万年筆』のご紹介です!

ベースとなるボディはパイロット カスタム845 エボナイト黒漆仕上げ。

Custom 845 Midori Urushi 緑漆 (2015)
In March 2015, Fountain pen fair will held at Maruzen.
丸善 日本橋店 第6回 「世界の万年筆展」 04-10 March 2015
Limited 50 限定50本, JPY59,400.
2015-Feb-10: more production, probably 50 pieces. https://michikusa-tsushin.net/archives/2141

Custom 845 Beni Urushi 紅漆 (2016)
パイロットコーポレーション カスタム845「紅漆」
エボナイト軸に蝋色漆で仕上げカスタムシリーズの最高峰万年筆の丸善日本橋店オリジナル第3弾。 美しい「ベンガラ漆」で仕上げました。
ペン先: 18金 字幅: F, M, B, BB
59,400円(税込) 限定100本
税込59400円 丸善日本橋店限定100本、

カスタム845は伝統の素材エボナイトを研ぎ出し、 国産の漆で仕上げた逸品○ 紅漆を使った2016年のモデルはレは100本限定○ 18金を使った15号の大きなペン先も魅力だ○

In March 2016, Fountain pen fair held at Maruzen.
丸善 日本橋店 第7回 「世界の万年筆展」 02-08 March 2016
"Custom 845 Beni Urushi 紅漆".
"Beni Urushi" is red iron oxide color 鐵丹
Limited 100 限定100本, JPY59,400.

In October 2019, the Pilot Custom 845 vermilion urushi is eventually under regular production and the Asahiyakami Paper Stationary Shop stopped shipping overseas. However the new vermillon Custom 845 has the cap band “Custom 845 Urushi” and no URUSHI word on the back of the cap anymore.

Later 2019, The Pilot Custom 845 black would also changed the cap band to “Custom 845 Urushi”.

Photos of Pilot Custom 845 Series: from the left

Pilot 75 Anniversary
Pilot Custom 845 (Black)
Pilot special edition for vendors' club 憂喜和会
Nagasawa 132nd Anniversary Rokko『六甲』(2014)
Pilot Custom Ichii 一位の木
Pilot Custom Enju 槐
Pilot Custom 845 Aourushi 青漆
Pilot Custom 845 Midori Urushi 緑漆
Pilot Custom 845 Beni Urushi 紅漆
Pilot Custom 845 Red Urushi 赤漆 for NAGASAWA.
Pilot Custom 845 Vermilion Urushi 朱漆 for Asahiyakami Paper Stationary Shop, アサヒヤ紙文具店
Pilot Custom 845 Vermilion Urushi 朱漆

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